My Life With Borderline Personality Disorder


Random Thoughts…

So, I am sitting her listening to the sound of my daughter sleeping (she is home sick today). I am thinking, what did I ever do to deserve this beautiful young woman?  She is so sweet, funny, beautiful, smart and so many other things… Basically she is just perfect!  I try to tell her this every time I see her.  I want her to believe this.  I want her to believe in her!

I was typing a reply to  I was talking about psych meds.

There was a time I did not want to take my meds because they symbolized that I was weak and unable to manage my life without them.  Now the amount of meds that I take have been drastically reduced, but I now look at them not as a weakness, but I look at them as a tool to my success.

I guess I just want anyone out there who reads this to know, TAKE YOUR F***’N MEDS!  They are good for you!

I probably don’t know you from Adam, but I want you to be well and safe!

Much love and peace,